A new Manual, designed specifically for professional gamblers, has just been published by GFS International Corp., Las Vegas, NV.


The Manual, titled “Vegas Pro’s 3 Best-Ever Horseracing Angles”, was researched and written by the Las Vegas professional racehorse gambler who has authored 2 previous Manuals in GFS’s best-selling series “Making Money Enjoyably”.


Unlike previous Manuals that were aimed at a general sports audience, this Manual is geared strictly to the professional player who earns most or all of his income from legal gambling.


“This book is something of a departure for us,” said Wendell Holmes, marketing vice-president. “Most of our Manuals are targeted to somewhat general audiences. But the author in this Ligaz11 case convinced us that while the target group was relatively small it was an enthusiastic user of good, usable materials. So we followed his advice.”


“Vegas Pro’s Best-Ever Angles”, edition 2001A, will be available effective December 19th from the GFS secure online order site at All major credit cards are accepted. Sales page info is available in 6 languages Toll-free phone orders can go to 1-800-903-4152 (Program #139132). Purchasers receive instant delivery of the Manual via e-mail.


Full details on the Manual are available at    The publisher, GFS INTERNATIONAL CORP, Las Vegas NV, can be contacted at:

Email: or Fax: 7739130732.


Price of the Manual, effective Jan. 31/01, is $55. Until then a special introductory price of $39 is offered. “We’ll use data gained in this introductory period to hone our marketing approach. Hence the special price,” said Holmes.


The Las Vegas Pro, who prefers anonymity for betting reasons, has been a professional horseplayer for 29 years. During that time he has consistently turned every $20 bet into an average $24 return, something only 4% of horseplayers …

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Slot Gacor

Winning 7 Stud Slot Gacor Play: Loosen up on the River

I play Stud primarily in Connecticut, at either Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods. The game has great action back on the East Coast. On a typical weekend there are probably 20 or so games to chose from among all of the $5/10 and higher games, and another 30-40 games of 1-3 or 1-5. Though the level of play surely improves as the stakes go up, there are good games at nearly every level.

I tend to play $5/10 to $15/30 (occasionally $20/40 if I am feeling frisky). I am not by nature a gambler, tending to be tighter and sometimes less aggressive than is optimal. Even so, because my game selection and fundamentals are very sound, and I have good self control, I have managed to make a decent profit during the 8 years or so that I’ve been playing seriously.

I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned about how to win at low and mid limit 7-Stud.

I’ll start with a weakness in my play which I’ve corrected and which I find in some otherwise good Stud players.

That’s playing too TIGHTLY on 6th and 7th Street.

Here’s what happens.

The home game player decides to move up to casino play. He wisely consults a few books and learns about starting hands which winning casino players play. He is a disciplined learner. He learns some basic rules and only plays High pairs, low pairs with a high kicker, three flushes and three straights. Simple, right? With some effort and self control he changes from the loosey-goosey style of his home game play to the tight style of the casino. He learns the power of the strategic fold. He’s even learned to raise with premium pairs.

Gradually, and painfully, he’s learned to throw away the 9-K-A double suited, the …

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UFA The Worst Beat Ever

“He turns all of his injuries into strengths. That which does not kill him makes him stronger.”   Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Ben Dover sleeps on a bed that has only one side, the wrong one. He looks in the mirror each morning and sees the unluckiest person alive. Ben’s favorite joke: The pessimist says, “It can’t get any worse.” The optimist says, “Oh yes, it can.”

Ben takes his usual seat in the big no-limit game. Everyone buys in for $1,000 except for May Hem. She plops $5,000 on the table and turns to her favorite opponent, “C’mon, Ben. Let’s not wait until later. Let’s play some big pots now.” Ben accepts and buys in for $5,000 as well.

Early on, Ben gets pocket aces. Someone opens the pot for $40. May makes it $200 straight. Ben makes it $500. The $40 opener shows his hand to a neighbor and folds. Ben sees that May could have seen the opener’s hand. So Ben asks to see it too. May nods. The dealer turns over the dead hand: 10s 10h.

May slides in $300 more to call Ben’s raise. The flop comes 2-2-2. Ben looks cool, but his mind is racing so fast that time stands still. He figures he’s got the nuts for sure. And he’s got a live player with a big stack all jittered up and ready to play a monster pot. He also figures that May has a pocket pair, a two-outer, the typical kind of hand that so often lands Ben in his car, with his head on the steering wheel, wondering what the fluke happened.

Ben regroups. He plans to snare May by checking behind her on the flop, real smooth. And that he does. A baby-bottom check. Very smooth, but regrettably, very out of turn. …

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Ligaz11 Tournament Directors Association to standardize Tournament Rules

Last week, just before the inaugural World Poker Player’s Conference and World Poker Industry Conferences began, tournament directors from all over the country got together to discuss ways to simplify, organize, and standardize the rules of poker for tournaments. Bellagio’s Doug Dalton provided a meeting room and snacks and Card Player Cruises organized this historic event.


Since the Cardrooms couldn’t agree to anything, they tried taking the rules problem to the tournament directors and found out that nothing comes easily. Starting with a list of 20 items, directors from everywhere turned out to try and be the dissenting vote, or at least that was the way it seemed.


Cardrooms represented, but not limited to, included Bay 101, Lucky Chances, The Oaks, Foxwoods, Commerce, Hollywood Park, Orleans, Spirit Mountain, Card Player Cruises, Lake Elsinore, Reno Hilton, as well as Bob Thompson and Jack McClelland.


Each item, some as simple as dead or forward moving button, were discussed at length. Finally, from the list of 20, 14 were agreed to by this select panel of experts. An agreement was drawn up and the casinos who sign it have promised to use these standardized rules commencing August 1st.


They will all meet and discuss how things worked for them at next year’s WPIC (World Poker Industry Conference). Although there are only 14, it is a start and many concessions were made by some of the directors.


For more information, contact Dave Lamb at the Reno Hilton Poker Room. He will be getting forms out to you if you wish to sign up your room.


Here are the new standardized TDA rules…


Chip-race rule: When it is time to color-up chips, they will be raced off with a maximum of one chip going to any player. The …

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The Gaming Club

The Gaming Club is one of the oldest casinos on the Net and has been taking real-money wagers since 1995. The site offers players more than 60 games and six progressive jackpots to choose from, including LotsaLoot, Cash Splash, and Treasure Nile.

We talked with Brad Wright, casino manager at The Gaming Club, to get the scoop on this casino success story. Here’s what he had to say.

WINNERonline: The Gaming Club has been around for a quite a while, in online casino terms at least. What factors have contributed most to your success and longevity?

The Gaming Club: We attribute our success to a brilliant range of games with great interactive software, first-class customer service, tailor-made customer loyalty programs, guaranteed privacy and security, and a long list of big winners.

Wo: People have a lot to think about when they’re choosing an online casino site. What advice do you have for first-time players or people who are thinking about trying a new casino?

TGC: Make sure you choose a credible, reliable casino with a reputable track record, like The Gaming Club.

Wo: Good promotions are essential for attracting new players and ensuring customer loyalty, and you are doing that with the “Cash Back Club.” Can you tell us how it works?

TGC: A real-money player will receive 1 point for every $10 wagered. The points are added up at the end of the month, and 1000 points is converted into a $10 credit. This $10 is credited to the player’s gaming account, giving them even more chances to win.

Wo: What has response been like to the progressive slots offered at The Gaming Club?

TGC: The response has been phenomenal. We have a huge number of big winners who are, of course, extremely happy! Some of our recent winners …

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Judi Slot Online

Free Judi Slot Online Bonuses and a PayPal Lottery

Orbital offers players the impressive choice of 39 download or no-download Flash games, in addition to Jackpot Madness progressive slots jackpots like Cash Splash, Fruit Fiesta and LotsaLoot.

In addition to the great selection of games, Orbital has a free $110 bonus. You’ll get $10 free on sign-up and a 100% bonus up to $100. Players can track their wagers with PlayCheck and financial transactions with CashCheck.

Orbital accepts FirePay, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, ACH, and wire transfer, and the casino has 24/7 support. Payouts are reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Sands of the Caribbean

Sands of the Caribbean offers the choice of a Lite- or full version of the Judi Slot Online casino download package, with the option of adding games later on.

Players will find all their favorites at Sands of the Caribbean, as well as the Jackpot Mania progressive slots jackpots. The Spice Island Poker jackpot is more than $186,000 and Rags to Riches will pass through $150,000 before long, so be sure to check it out.

Sands also has some excellent bonuses. Deposit $100 and get $50 every month or earn a 10% bonus for wire transfers, money orders, and certified checks. There’s also a $20 referral bonus, in addition to four $25 winners randomly drawn each week and 10 $100 monthly draw winners.

Last but not least, the casino is giving away free cell phones to new members.

Colosseum Casino

Players can get up to $100 at Colosseum. Earn $10 free on sign-up with no purchase required, along with a 100% match bonus up to $70 and a $20 bonus if your initial purchase at Colosseum is made with FirePay or PayPal.

That’s not all. There’s a 10% bonus on all ACH or Western Union purchases over $100, and a chance to win $10,000 in the PayPal lottery.…

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Slot Online

Win $1 Million from Dukes Slot Online Gaming

Dukes Gaming is giving away $1 million to one lucky player just for signing up at the casino. You don’t even have to spend any money to get a shot at the big bucks, but you’ll receive extra entries when you accumulate Royal Rewards points. There’s also a $30 match bonus available right now; get $30 free on your first deposit of $30 or more.

Dukes is home to the Jackpot Mania progressive jackpot games, as well as all of your favorite casino games. This week’s big jackpot is Rags to Riches, at $166,000 and growing quickly. Spice Island Poker isn’t far behind at $113,000 so try your luck this weekend at Dukes Gaming.

U.S. Punters Can’t Wager at American Site

U.S.-based WagerCity has just gone live, but American punters aren’t allowed to place a bet at the peer-to-peer (P2P) site because of the Department of Justice’s position on Internet wagering. The site (which is operated from the Netherlands Antilles) was launched by Grand Virtual Inc. in time to cash in on the World Cup soccer tournament, but the company’s goal isn’t to compete for a share of the growing P2P marketplace. Instead, Grand Virtual wants to use the site as a marketing tool to attract licensees for its casino software.

P2P wagering exchanges aren’t a new phenomenon. was one of the first sites to give punters the choice of either backing or laying a wager, but it was bought up late last year by Betfair. Betfair has been doing a booming business since then, and is matching approximately $160 million in wagers each month. It is operated from the United Kingdom, and most wagers originate in the British Isles and Europe.

$5,000 Jackpot Bonus from Jackpot City

There have been several big progressive jackpot wins at Jackpot City …

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Domino QQ Online

Gabon hosts Africa Cup of Domino Qq Online Nations

So, who would have thought it. Gabon will host the African continent’s biggest tournament for the second time in 5 years (Yes, that’s right they also hosted in 2012, when they shared hosting with Equatorial Guinea).

The bidding process for these things started back in 2010 when Botswana, Cameroon, DR Congo, Guinea, Morocco, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe first expressed an interest. In the end only three countries put in bids – DR Congo, Morocco and South Africa. 2017 was awarded to South Africa.

Now just to complicate things further in 2011, due to the Libyan Civil War, South Africa agreed to host the Domino QQ Online competition, which was due to be held in Libya that year, with Libya hosting in 2017.

Now unfortunately the Libyan Civil War has lasted longer than we hoped and in 2014 Libya was withdrawn as the venue. There was interest from Ethiopia, Mali, Tanzania and Kenya discussed a joint bid with Rwanda and Uganda. In the end seven countries submitted bids: Algeria, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya (alone), Sudan and Zimbabwe.

In April 2015 Gabon were named as hosts.

So when bidding began in 2010 there were 53 African countries and 20 of them have expressed an interest in hosting this tournament. There are of course now 54 African countries with South Sudan being the newest formed in July 2011.

This tournament was originally going to be held in South Africa, then Libya and now Gabon – although CAF  (Confederation of African Football) were forced to issue a statement on 25 November 2016 denying the fact that the venue was to be changed again.

So, with Gabon having hosted in 2012 the infrastructure will be there to hold another successful Championship.

The first obstacle to overcome will be to get into the country …

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Doyle Brunson — Part II






A few years back, a major golf wager came up among poker players during the World Series of Poker. It is my favorite Doyle Brunson story (for good reason).


During one of the tournaments, Doyle was seated at a table with high-stakes players Howard Lederer and Huck Seed. Those two had been playing a lot of golf at that time and were looking to get Doyle out on the course. Doyle said he would take me for a partner and play them in a scramble match (meaning that both players hit a shot and then play the best shot). The catch was that we would tee off from the red tees (ladies tees) and they would tee off from the blue tees at TPC Summerlin. They agreed.


The bet was a $20,000 nassau (a separate $20,000 bet on the front nine, back nine, and total) with one automatic press a side. By the way, Doyle was staking me to a freeroll in the match. The next day, Howard and Huck chided Doyle for taking the bet. Doyle said to them, “If you think you’ve got the nuts, double the bet to $40,000.” They did. “Game day” was set for 30 days after the WSOP.


What amazed me about Doyle making this bet was that neither he (in his 60s at the time) nor I had played any golf in several years. In addition, Doyle was on crutches from a knee operation and couldn’t walk without them. Now, Doyle is an action man, but without our having played in so long, it seemed like a pretty daring bet. But Doyle said he had forgotten more about golf than they would ever know. He didn’t see how they could overcome the tee advantage we …

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Togel hari ini

No longer publicly traded, CBS Sportsline now fits into Viacom’s online Togel Singapore strategy

The folks at CBS talk sports a lot. If they were looking for an analogy to describe their company, they might say it’s like a boxer who has absorbed round after round of body punches, but is still standing and just starting to get a second wind.


Media and entertainment giant Viacom Inc. revived SportsLine, a Fort Lauderdale-based sports Internet company, when it paid $49 million last year for the 62 percent of the company it didn’t already own. In doing so, Viacom saved SportsLine from — oddly enough — Viacom.


Before the deal was completed in December, SportsLine was consistently losing money, in part because it had agreed to pay Viacom $100 million over five years in exchange for advertising on CBS, which Viacom owns.


The obligations of being publicly traded, from the board meetings to the hand-holding of investors and analysts, had also become a burden. “It was more trouble than it was worth,” said General Manager Steve Snyder, a seven-year veteran of SportsLine who became its top executive in December.


SportsLine makes about two-thirds of its revenues from advertising and one-third from subscriptions to its fantasy leagues, in which participants try to predict how sports teams and players will perform.


Though its leagues are popular with Togel hari ini football fanatics, SportsLine’s stock hovered around $1 much of last year, a free fall from its high of more than $63 in late 1999. With just over 200 employees, SportsLine today barely resembles the high-flier that had about 500 workers in the late 1990s.


Now SportsLine operates as a minuscule spoke in Viacom’s enormous wheel, as part of the CBS Sports division, and is no longer publicly traded. With $50 million in annual revenues, it would take 450 SportsLines to make …

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