A new Manual, designed specifically for professional gamblers, has just been published by GFS International Corp., Las Vegas, NV.


The Manual, titled “Vegas Pro’s 3 Best-Ever Horseracing Angles”, was researched and written by the Las Vegas professional racehorse gambler who has authored 2 previous Manuals in GFS’s best-selling series “Making Money Enjoyably”.


Unlike previous Manuals that were aimed at a general sports audience, this Manual is geared strictly to the professional player who earns most or all of his income from legal gambling.


“This book is something of a departure for us,” said Wendell Holmes, marketing vice-president. “Most of our Manuals are targeted to somewhat general audiences. But the author in this Ligaz11 case convinced us that while the target group was relatively small it was an enthusiastic user of good, usable materials. So we followed his advice.”


“Vegas Pro’s Best-Ever Angles”, edition 2001A, will be available effective December 19th from the GFS secure online order site at All major credit cards are accepted. Sales page info is available in 6 languages Toll-free phone orders can go to 1-800-903-4152 (Program #139132). Purchasers receive instant delivery of the Manual via e-mail.


Full details on the Manual are available at    The publisher, GFS INTERNATIONAL CORP, Las Vegas NV, can be contacted at:

Email: or Fax: 7739130732.


Price of the Manual, effective Jan. 31/01, is $55. Until then a special introductory price of $39 is offered. “We’ll use data gained in this introductory period to hone our marketing approach. Hence the special price,” said Holmes.


The Las Vegas Pro, who prefers anonymity for betting reasons, has been a professional horseplayer for 29 years. During that time he has consistently turned every $20 bet into an average $24 return, something only 4% of horseplayers manage to do. “And to make sure I bet the correct amounts, something many even pro horseplayers do not do, I use a personal variation of the proven Kelly Criterion scientific probability formula. It’s fairly easy to use, and priceless in its ability to show exactly how much a bettor should wager on each individual selection.”


The 3 Angles covered in the new Manual were culled from over 3,000 angles investigated and bet on by the Vegas Pro over his 29 year professional career. “They are the absolute best,” he said. “Each of them has a Return on Investment over 2.0, which simply means money bet is doubled.”


According to official thoroughbred industry statistics, 96% of horserace bettors lose money over the long haul. Some bettors win for short streaks but lose consistently over time.


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