Cloud Hosting Benefits for Data Security

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Server infections can be isolated


Traditional hosting, regardless of its form, stores all data on one server. If there is a cyber-attack on your server, all data of your website could be stolen from it.


Cloud Hosting reduces your risk. Multiple servers store your website data. All your data is safe even if one server is attacked. Your website will not be affected. Because your website will load data from other servers, it won’t be affected.


Data mirroring


All data is mirrored by Cloud Hosting in real-time. cheap SSD dedicated servers  Data mirroring refers to the act of moving all data from one server into another in the exact format. Two benefits come with real-time data mirroring. The first advantage is that no data will be lost due to hardware failure.


The second and most important is that you will have a copy even if the data is stolen. While it is important to prevent data theft, a solid data backup and disaster recovery plan are also important. Cloud Hosting can help with this as well.




Cyber-attacks are often covered in a lot media, but many data is lost due to more mundane, everyday reasons such as server failures and hard disk failures. Data would be lost if a hard drive fails and there was no backup.


Cloud Hosting makes this possible. Cloud Hosting offers data mirroring, which means that all of your data is automatically backed-up in real time. Data loss is not possible due to hardware failure.


Cloud Hosting makes it difficult for websites to be targeted


If the server is compromised, all data on websites that are hosted traditional can be stolen. It’s not possible to target a website powered by Cloud Hosting because there is no one permanent residence for your website data.


Website data is stored on several servers. Hackers will need to have access to many servers in order to steal your website data. This is obviously more difficult.


Security concerns are being addressed


Cloud Hosting was initially introduced to the market in response to legitimate security concerns. These concerns were mostly about data loss, vulnerability to DDoS attacks and malware injection attacks.


Each of these problems have been addressed by web hosting companies over the years with extensive deployments of malware protection, firewalls and antivirus software. Most of these concerns are now addressed. Cloud Hosting is a far superior alternative to traditional hosting methods in terms of pure improvement.


Backups across platforms


Cross-platform backups are becoming very popular in the Cloud Hosting community. Cross-platform backup strategy is the act of keeping three copies of any data in different, physically distinct data farms.


This ensures that no data is lost even if the whole data centre is attacked by hackers. The backup stored in another data centre is also updated in real time. Data loss is not only minimal but virtually non-existent.