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Comics have a reputation for being an art form created exclusively for men. Be it Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ice Man, or Impossible Man, male superheroes seem to be at the forefront of the medium, with female characters relegated to second-tier status or roles in a hero’s supporting cast. Yet despite this perceived glass ceiling, a number of female characters and comic creators have been making waves in recent years, and one of the industry’s most celebrated ensembles is leading the charge. This April, the popular X-Men series, which follows the trials and tribulations of mutant super heroes fighting for survival against a world that hates and fears them, will be relaunched with a new writer, new artist, and a team roster involving some of the most prominent female Marvel superhero characters.


Something for Everyone

The series will be helmed by noted comic scribe Brian Wood, who has plenty of experience with the characters, having worked on previous X-Men titles such as Generation X, Ultimate Comics X-Men and Wolverine, and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega. Despite the team’s lineup, Wood promises that the series will not be mired in gender issues as some might expect.


“Everyone is really excited at the idea of an all-female team, but we’re not trying to make it all about that. It’s an X-Men book, first and foremost,” Wood told the press. “The female X-Men are amazing characters, they always have been, everyone knows that. They’ve been the best thing about the franchise.”


Meet the Team

The Online Casino series, which will take the place of the current X-Men ensemble that features a co-ed team, will see Storm lead a team of female mutants against threats from the X-Men’s past, as well as some new threats from in and out of the mutant community. Storm, an African queen with the ability to control the weather, first appeared in 1975′s Giant Size X-Men #1 and has proven one of the series’ most popular characters. Titan Casino fans will recognize the character as portrayed by Halle Berry in the X-Men slots and X-Men films.


Joining her on the team will be fan favorite characters Rogue, Kitty Pryde, and Psylocke. This trio of mutant heroes features some of the most tenured members of the X-Men, each having played an important role in the development of the team. Beginning her run in the comic as a super villain, Rogue has since reformed and uses her ability to absorb the powers and memories of whomever she touches to fight for mutantkind. Kitty Pryde was once known as Shadowcat, and has been a member of the team since she was 14 years old. Blessed with the ability to walk through walls, Kitty has remained the emotional center of the X-Men since her introduction in 1980. Psylocke, on the other hand, has gone through many changes since her introduction. This British telepath had her mind transplanted into the body of a Japanese ninja in the 80s, and has proven to be one of the X-Men’s fiercest fighters throughout the years.


Also on the team are relative newcomers Rachel Grey and Jubilee. Grey is the daughter of original X-Men member Jean Grey, from an alternate future, and is a powerful telepath in her own right. Jubilee, on the other hand, is a young mutant vampire who will serve as a viewpoint character for the series, allowing readers to see the world through her eyes.


A Legacy of Greatness

These ladies join the pantheon of strong Marvel female characters, many of whom can be seen on the silver screen and at Titan Casino. One of the most recent breakout female superheroes is the sultry Black Widow. Though the Russian superspy has no powers of her own, she is one of the biggest names in Marvel Comics, thanks in no small part to Scarlett Johansson’s turn as the character in both The Avengers and Iron Man film series, as well as Titan Casino’s Iron Man 2 slots.


Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman, has been one of comics’ most powerful characters since she first appeared alongside the rest of the Fantastic Four in 1961. In addition to her invisibility, this stalwart superhero, a mother of 2, has the ability to create impenetrable force fields strong enough to stop bullets, contain explosions, and even temporarily hold back the Incredible Hulk. Famously played by the beautiful Jessica Alba, the character can currently be seen in Titan Casino’s Fantastic Four slots.


Though she was initially introduced as a romantic interest for the rubicund superhero Daredevil, Elektra Natchios has emerged as the Marvel universe’s deadliest assassin. Known for her twin sai blades, the character can currently be seen fighting alongside popular characters like the Punisher and Red Hulk in the ongoing Thunderbolts series. In 2003, she made the leap to the silver screen played by Jennifer Garner, providing a new spin on the main character who graces the reels of Titan Casino’s Elektra slots.