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3 reel slot machines can be classic, multiline, progressive, bonus or video. All of them (except for progressives) can be played for free or for real money almost in all online casinos. The player can play slots after downloading the casino software or by choosing Instant Play. The rules are very simple. The player makes a bet and clicks the spin button. After the reels have stopped, the player wins or loses. The combination which consists of 3 similar (sometimes 2 or even one) symbols from left to right is considered winning.



A Classic Slot Machine is a slot with 3 Keluaran hkreels and 1 payline, more rarely a classic slot may have 3 or even 5 paylines. This type of slot is usually very simple and straightforward. The maximum wager can be 1, 2 or 3 coins. Some classic slots have a bonus round feature which can be played on the second screen or on the reel. There are also slots with progressive jackpots.



Multi Spin or Mega Spin Classic Slots


Some gaming software companies develop multi spin or mega spin classic slots. This sort of classic slots is alike video poker multi hand games. The player makes a bet and spins the reels and waits for the outcome on the bottom payline. After that he can hold one or more reels and click the spin button again, this time only unheld reels will be spinning.


There are also 3 reel slots which have more than one payline. The usual number is 3, 5 or 8 paylines.



5 reel Keluaran hkslot machines usually have between 5 and 60 paylines, but there are 5 reel slots with 100 paylines and even more. 5 reel slots are more exciting and interesting than classic slots as a rule. They usually are video slots and have some background story behind them. Many 5 reel slot machines have bonus round features and often more than one. There are, of course, a lot of progressive 5 reel slots.


Before clicking on the spin button, the player must make a wager. The number of coins depends on the number of paylines. There is no necessity to bet on all the paylines, it is up to the player how many lines he wants to play. The combination which consists of 3 – 5 similar (sometimes 2) symbols from left to right is considered winning the exception is a scatter symbol which can give a payout regardless of the fact where it is.  Most casinos allow players first try out the slots for free if it is not a progressive slot.